Chevy Looks to the Future with Carbon Fiber Truck Beds

2018 Chevrolet Colorado

Chevrolet always delivers welcome surprises to its widespread customer base, from new-fangled interior technology to impressive performance. The brand continues to please consumers with even more versatile pickup truck features.


The carbon fiber truck bed is the latest perk that fans are raving about. The carbon fiber material used on the bed is both stronger and lighter than steel and aluminum, the two common construction components used in competitor’s truck beds. Currently, it is used almost exclusively in the high-end luxury market due its prohibitively expensive cost of production. Nonetheless, GM and Chevrolet plan to incorporate carbon fiber truck beds on its models in the next two years.


Carbon fiber truck beds will first be made available on high-end Chevy truck trims. The addition of carbon fiber to the truck’s build will boost fuel economy numbers as well as make the truck more durable and long-lasting overall. The initial carbon fiber models are expected to be pricey. As the material becomes more widespread and accessible, you should expect to see more affordable pricing for this option.


While we may not have any vehicles with a carbon fiber truck bed yet, we do have a diverse array of exciting Chevy models here at Stanley Chevrolet for you to test drive.

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