5 Chevrolet Fun Facts to Spruce Up Your Trivia Knowledge

Chevrolet has been around since 1911 when it was first founded by William C. Durant. Since then, it has had a varied and interesting history. Here are some Chevrolet fun facts to improve your knowledge about this legendary American carmaker.

  1. The Logo: The iconic bow tie was conceptualized in 1913. Before it was created, the original logo was actually a test-based “Chevrolet” visual. No one’s entirely sure where the bowtie emblem came from. According to Durant, it was inspired by a wallpaper design in a Parisian hotel, though his daughter claims that he actually doodled the design one night during dinner.
  2. The First Chevy: Chevrolet’s first model ever was the series C Classic Six, a car that was large, powerful, and extremely stylized compared to its competitors. It was also quite expensive, coming in at a price tag of $2,150. Going forward, though, William Durant wanted to offer less expensive vehicles.
  3. The Chevy Suburban: Have you ever wondered what the longest-running automotive nameplate in history is? You might be surprised by the answer – it’s the Chevrolet Suburban!
  4. The Birth of an Icon: The Corvette was first introduced in 1953, kicking off its legendary history of powerful performance and refined driving. Since then, it’s won the 24 Hours of Les Mans seven times.
  5. Innovative Outlooks: Chevrolet was the first-ever company to step into the 21st century by offering built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspots in its vehicles.

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