Fun Facts About Stanley Chevrolet

Stanley Chevrolet Store

Stanley Chevrolet is a three-generation, family-owned dealership — and every one of the Stanley employees who work here started as a wash boy in the used car lot and worked up the ranks through every single position because we believe in hard work.

Here are some fun facts about Stanley Chevrolet:

  • We are very much a family business, as we were founded their father and then taken over by the two brothers, Brad and Wes Stanley. However, we welcome in any employees with a solid work ethic and consider them a part of the family.
  • Family is big to us. Customers are like family too. If you want to speak to the owner, you are able to right away.
  • We are guided by four principles at Stanley Chevrolet: Treat people as family, be honest, be fair, and take good care of customers.
  • We’re located on a road with multiple names: West Broadway, US-67, Route 36, and Pendleton Pike.
  • We’re not like most salespeople. If we think a car is a bad financial investment for your personal situation, we’ll tell it like it is. We’ll never try to sell you a car you can’t afford or don’t need.
  • We have a “Dime Down” program that lets you put down just 10 cents as a down payment for a new car.
  • Our dealership sits on a giant 8-acre lot, meaning we have lots of vehicles to choose from.

We here at Stanley Chevrolet are dedicated to bringing you the best car service around because that’s what families do. Whether it’s to look at our inventory, schedule a test drive, or get your routine maintenance checkup, you are always welcome at Stanley Chevrolet with open arms.

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