Why You Should Be Excited About the Upcoming Mid-Engine Corvette Supercar

mid-engine Corvette

mid-engine Corvette

We have been waiting a long time for the release of the mid-engine Corvette, and while it’s not arrived yet, we are coming to the homestretch. How do we know? Several media outlets have spotted this new Corvette out on test drives, albeit under heavy camouflage.

Here are a few details we’ve been able to pick up on that should get you excited about the new mid-engine Corvette:

  • Styling will offer nods to the previous C3 Corvette, such as the low and pointy nose and sculpted shoulder line.
  • Expect a high-winged model of the new Corvette, which Top Speed theorizes could mean even better performance and insane aerodynamics.
  • It’s been testing at Nurburging, the breeding ground for the world’s fastest, most powerful cars. While we don’t have any engine specifics, Road and Track speculates that the Corvette will need a lot of air flow to keep the engine behind the passenger compartment nice and cool.
  • There are enough subtle design changes that have been spotted in the camouflaged version for Top Speed to guess that this Corvette will be very different from the ‘Vette we are used to. We won’t know for sure until closer to the end of the year though, when Chevy releases official information.

Whether you’re interested in the new mid-engine Corvette or prefer the traditional design, Stanley Chevrolet would be happy to make you a Corvette owner so you can join the ‘Vette club.

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